On three weekends of the month, you can find ViMBAR or ViMSAR events in the Las Vegas area.

Second Saturday of each month:

Desert Sportsman’s Rifle and Pistol Club hosts a ViMBAR match. Jim Coe is the match director. Four to six stages are set up with targets between 100 and 700 yds. Be prepared to pitch a hand grenade or throw a bayonet for bonus points. There is usually one stage that includes pistol. Also featured as a side match, four times a year, is the English Andy Enfield Award.

Third Saturday of each month:

The ViMSAR match is held at Desert Sportsman’s Rifle and Pistol Club. Mud Duck is the match director. Though similar to the ViMBAR event, with Mud Duck designing the stages, you may have to unlock a set of handcuffs, crawl through barbed wire or blow up an enemy tank during the course of the match.

For more information, contact English Andy at
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First Sunday of each month:

Joe Brennan puts on a ViMBAR/ViMSAR silhouette match at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club. The targets are set at standard silhouette distances and you may compete with either a ViMBAR or ViMSAR legal rifle. Target distances: 100 -500 meters.

For more information, contact Joe at:
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Vegas Shooters Forum

The following is a link to the Vegas Shooters forum. You will find a subcategory there for both ViMBAR and ViMSAR matches where you can find a schedule, and also post and ask for specific information. Directions to the ranges will be posted soon.

Vegas Shooters Information — CLICK HERE

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