As a service to our visitors, ViMBAR/ViMSAR matches on other ranges other than Golden Spike Buffalo Range will be listed if match information is provided by the match directors. Email your information to Check back often as information will be posted as it is received.


There is no set course of fire. Each club can tailor the course of fire to suit their own particular range. Matches can be as varied as number of people who are designing the course of fire. The first and foremost concern when designing the match is SAFETY.

Some suggestions are:

  1. Fixed targets at known distances. Use steel targets of varying sizes.

  2. Put time limits on the shooting period, or direct that shooting must be from a fixed position such as standing, kneeling, or sitting. Allow the shooters to use any tactical position that a soldier would have available in the field.

  3. Design a Walkabout match. It could be similar to stages of a Cowboy Action, or Sporting Clays course with various firing points, targets at unknown ranges, and specific instructions for target engagement and/or time limits.

  4. Remember, no range finders allowed on the range.

  5. Include a handgun scenario in one or more stages of the walkabout match. Any military pistol or DA revolver in use prior to 1960 and in as issued condition could be used.

  6. Include a scenario where the shooter might be required to use a bayonet, either fixed to the rifle, or hand-held.

  7. Add throwing a dummy grenade into a specific target area with extra points for success.


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