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Vintage Military Bolt Action Rifle
Vintage Military Semi-Automatic Rifle
PLUS ViMBAR Sniper, USAR, and F-Class matches


The development and use of the military bolt action rifles using metallic cartridges spans from circa mid eighteen sixties to 1936 when the last newly developed military bolt action rifle was adopted. During this time many guns were produced to supply the armies of the world. Of course, these guns provided excellent service in WWII and long after. The idea of shooting ViMBAR is to experience the capabilities these old military rifles had on the battlefield. Some were better then the others, but most had capabilities that are amazing still today.

Vintage Military Bolt-action Rifle (ViMBAR) and Vintage Military Semi-auto Rifle (ViMSAR) are concepts that were developed so that collectors of the myriad of inexpensive military surplus rifles available today can have an opportunity to use them in a fun shooting match environment. You can go out and buy a $100 surplus Mauser, some inexpensive surplus ammunition, and be “in the game” and as competitive as the next guy. The idea behind the ViMBAR/ViMSAR match is to experience the capabilities these rifles had on the battlefield, and the service they provided to soldiers all over the world in conflicts spanning the past century and a quarter. ViMBAR/ViMSAR matches are not intended to be “precision accuracy” or High Power Service Rifle competitions. On the contrary, we encourage the use of life-size or large targets, and specifically prohibit the use on the line of High Power equipment, range finders, wind flags, or other such items as deemed “prohibited” by the match designers. In that vein, we often invoke “Spirit of the Game”, the original adage of the ever popular Cowboy Action Shooting™ game.

This website is devoted to distributing information about ViMBAR/ViMSAR shooting matches — to advise participants where they can attend events in their local area or provide help in setting up and conducting matches. Our match schedule information primarily concerns the ViMBAR/ViMSAR matches held at the Golden Spike Buffalo Range in Promontory, Utah; however, we will list matches elsewhere if the information is emailed to us in advance of the event.

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